As far in advance as possible would be greatly appreciated. Since I work solo on my makes and make each cake and cupcake fresh, I can only take on so many orders for a given day.

Please have an idea of:

1) How many people you would like the cake to serve
2) Cake flavor/filling (if you are already set on that)
3) What theme/character would you like to do
4) Would you like the cake to be a "3d" cake or a traditional round, square or sheet shape
5) Do you like the idea of a Fondant covering (smooth sugary icing finish that goes on top of a buttercream icing layer on a cake) on your cake. This will give your cake a smooth sharp look but will add to the cost of the cake

I do not have a set list of prices at this time because each cake/cupcake is uniquely made to your specifications. I'd be happy to give you a price quote if you wouldn't mind giving me an idea of what you are looking for - ie. the information asked for in question 2 above)

I am happy to work out an arrangement to have the cake delivered to your occassion (depending on the location there may be a minimal additional charge). You can also arrange to pick the cake up from me as well.